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Barriers to Getting Started

What if I do not find exercise fun?

Schedules are busy and life can get in the way of making time for physical activity. Try to keep your workout interesting and it will be top of mind and a higher priority.

What if I do not know how to get active?
If you are having troubles finding ways to get active start with some simple suggestions to keep yourself interested. From here keep trying new things so you never get bored.

Miss the bus.                                                    Keep motivated.
Stay focused.                                                    Build up your activity over time.
Prevent injuries.                                                 Exercise your social skills.
Warm up first.                                                    Challenge yourself.
Cool down last.                                                  Get involved locally.
Be comfortable.                                                 Work out a plan.

Top 5 Barriers
Among Port Coquitlam residents, lack of time and motivation, work commitments and the weather are the leading excuses for choosing to be physically inactive.

Barriers to Participating in Physical Activity or Exercise (Top 5 Barriers)


Total Port Coquitlam Respondents (%)

Lack of time/too busy




The Weather


Lack of Motivation (laziness)


Lack of/access to/distance to facilities